The Association also seeks to demonstrate the individual and social benefits of insurance through large-scale events.
The MABISZ Conference is one of the most important events of the insurance companies in Hungary. One of MABISZ’s initiatives is the ‘Safety week’ for drawing attention to the safety of children and every other passenger. The ‘Secure yourself’ is a competition to sensitize the population, especially young people on the subject of insurances.


The annual international conference of the Association of Hungarian Insurer Companies is one of the most prominent event of the Hungarian insurance industry. The focus of the conference is always the customer service, the latest trends and the presentation of challenges. In addition, the event is also a special meeting for the sector’s decision-makers.

Safety Week

In 2017, at the initiative of MABISZ, a road safety and insurance themed week, called Safety Week was launched.
MABISZ co-organize the week with the National Accident Prevention Committee of the National Police Headquarters (ORFK-OBB). MABISZ cooperates with a number of organizations in connection with the themed week.

Secure Yourself! Competition

The competition targets the young generation, it aims to sensitize their interest in the insurance industry and to strengthen the relationship between the university students and the sector.
The event is organized by Case Solvers, which is itself a youthful company. They want to train the youngsters in a many-sided, problem-oriented way.

Public Procurement Conference

The presentations at this conference are about procuring insurance services and the requirements related to procuring building insurances.