Complaints handling

Complaints handling

In order to successfully manage complaints and critics, our Association follows the principles and practices mentioned below:

We investigate the incoming complaints with utmost caution in order to make sure that our Clients are satisfied with our service.

The complaint management process of AHIC assures that all incoming complaints are investigated objectively, with utmost caution and in the shortest deadline possible, and that reasonable complaints are redressed immediately. We operate a seperate complaint administration section where professionally established complaint management takes place.

Our answer to the complaint letter in all cases is signed by at least one of our senior representatives. In case the situation is more complex than the average and the investigation requires longer time or the resolution of other organisations, we inform the client in writing while also asking for their patience until receiving our answer. Law provides 30 days to investigate the received complaints substantively, however our Association aspires to respond as soon as possible.

Our Association operates numerous channels to receive observations and motions in order to make contacting us as easy as possible to our Clients. Submitting complaints is possible both in writing (via e-mail, letter or fax) or orally (over telephone or in person). Complaint management is facilitated by the form which can be found and downloaded from our website.