Council of Bureaux

Council of Bureaux

With a permanent location in London (and co-operating with the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations), the Council of Bureaux (CoB) is the main governing and representative body of the Green Card System. (established in November 1951.)

Its functions:

  • Administering the agreements between the Green Card Bureaux,

  • Finding solutions to the practical problems raised by any of the members related to the agreements between the Green Card Bureaux

  • Acting as the court of arbitration in disputes between the Bureaux

  • Co-ordinating with the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations and other international organisations (such as the Commission of the European Insurers (Comité européen des assurances i.e. CEA) and the European Commission)

The operating rules of the Council of Bureaux are laid down in the Constitution of the CoB.

The operative issues and preparatory work needed for decision-making are undertaken by the secretariat of CoB as well as the various committees elected from the representatives of the Member States for a limited period. The main decision-making body of the CoB is the General Assembly, which is meeting annually since 1994 (its meetings were less frequent before 1994).