Association International de Droit des Assurances(AIDA)

Association International de Droit des Assurances(AIDA)

The Hungarian Lawyers Association Section for Insurance Law was established in 1970, and joined the same year the International Association for Insurance Law (AIDA), as the Hungarian Chapter of AIDA. Since its formation the Chapter has been performing national and international scientific activity on insurance law. Since that date it has been organizing its national programs, 2 – 4 times yearly, on current issues on insurance and insurance law joining to all codification works relating also to insurance.

The Section as the Hungarian Chapter of the AIDA, is actively participating in the life of AIDA. It is represented since 1970 on the world congresses being held every 4 years, on three world congresses one of the major reports of the given world congress was held by a Hungarian lawyer (Gyula Eörsi, Tamás Lábady, Károly Bárd). Hungarian insurance lawyers are regularly participating in the work and in the programs of the working parties of the AIDA. The president of the Section – Károly Bárd -, had been Co-President of the AIDA for several years, and is currently its Honorary President, Ferenc Kiss is member of the Presidential Council.

The VII. World Congress of the AIDA in 1986 has been held by the Section in Budapest, for 1200 delegates, of which ca. 1000 were foreign delegates. Since 1970 the Section organizes every 2 years the AIDA Budapest Insurance Colloquia of AIDA Budapest, in 2006 the IX. Colloquia. The colloquia have at an average 120-150 Hungarian and foreign participants and 10 -15 presenters (amongst them a great number of foreigners). The themes of the colloquia can be seen on our homepage.

The events of our Section are visited by average 50-100 enquirers. According to the working parties of the AIDA, the following national working parties are active: Working Parties for motor insurance, for life and pension insurance, for insurance brokerage, for the state supervision of insurance.

The Section also plays a major role in the life of the Hungarian Lawyers Association with its events, publications, it is in continuous cooperation with the Hungarian Insurers Association and its Legal section, as well as with the other sections of the Hungarian Lawyers Association.